About the Manufacturer: Federal Tire was founded in Taiwan in 1954. Technical cooperation with Bridgestone Corporation from 1960-1979 and with Sumitomo Rubber Industries (Dunlop Tires) from 1981-2000 has given Federal the necessary and strong technical capabilities and know-how to produce our own brand tires today – Federal Tires. Today, Federal has established a strong network of overseas distributors with more than 182 national/regional representatives throughout 121 countries. Domestic channels are managed by our subsidiary, Federex Marketing Corporation, and through the years, distribution in Taiwan has grown strongly and penetrated each and every corner of the island.

Our Notes: Our go-to brand from the day we started drifting.  The SS595 is the best of all worlds from starting out in grassroots clubs to even Pro-AM competition.  The RS-R & RS-RR are truly the staple in drift tires in terms of grip, wear, and reliability. 

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