About the Manufacturer: Valino Tires USA provides the perfect gear for the drifting enthusiast. Developed for the sport of competitive drifting in Japan it has been tested by world famous drifting drivers. In its recent debut it has already won multiple D1 Lights, World Time Attack Drift Challenge, Formula Drift Japan and Drift Kingdom events in Japan and Australia. Its tire attributes are designed to give the driver absolute confidence to drive valiantly in competition and its innovations in design gives the driver a technological edge over their competitors.

Our Notes: The Greeva is your grassroots drifting ironman! Tested by our support team, these tires have lasted 3 to 4 times longer than your average production tire! The Pergea is amongst the top competitive drift tires out there! If Pro-AM competition is your game, look no further than the Valino Pergea for your tire arsenal.