Cosmo MuchoMacho - 300TW

Cosmo MuchoMacho - 300TW


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The Performance Kat

Favored by professional drivers across the world, and professional commuters across the street alike, the MuchoMacho combines value with performance and superior control in dry and wet conditions. Sport driving characteristics and stability at high speeds make this tire the favorite for today's vehicles.

Design Features

  • VIBRATIONAL CONTROL - Stiff center rib provides stability and responsiveness.
  • SHOULDER BLOCKS - Engineered for rigidity to deliver track cornering in any condition.
  • SUPERIOR WET/DRY CONTROL - Asymmetry accomplishes wet and dry control.
  • MULTIPLE SHOULDER SIPES - Reduces noise and irregular wear.
  • BEAD REINFORCEMENT SYSTEM - Bead reinforcement system provides immediate and hyper sensitive steering response.
  • 4 CHANNEL GROOVES - Designed to evacuate more water and distort resonating sound waves.

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I would just like to sincerely thank you guys and say that I will solely be ordering tires from you guys from now on. Frank told me I'd have my 2 lost tires here by the weekend and they got here today. Well done gentlemen thanks again! ~ Friday before the weekend


I really appreciate the selection, knowledge, pricing, & response time.